Thursday, January 10, 2008

This weeks delusional seller(s) award

This one even took me by surprise. It takes a lot of stupid pills to do what this guy just did.

8772 Gentle Wind, Corona, CA 92883. This is another home in the Retreat in South Corona. Built in 2005 it was purchased new for $725k. It's a big home, 3386 sq/ft, 5 bed/3 bath. From the pics it does not look like there was much, if any upgrades to the home and there has been little work done other than pouring a patio slab and plonking a hot tub on it. Our crack smoking home owner has listed this home for.............ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Why not just list it for a quadrillion dollars. There's just as good a chance of getting that.

I know, there are a lot of overpriced homes. Why is this guy so deserved of the award? Well.....lemme tell ya.

You see exactly two houses away (one house between them) sits 8748 Gentle Wind DR, It's the exact same model as the crackheads above. However there is a whopping $410,100 difference in the price of the two homes. That's right it's only 59% of the price of 8772. You may think it's a fluke but no, there are two other homes nearby of similar size listed in the mid 600's.

Now to be fair there is another crackhead on this street (well several actually) that must share the award. Across the street and a few houses down is 8835 Gentle Wind. This home is slightly larger but only 4 bedrooms. It says its professionally landscaped but so far no pics. It also just listed today but for an amazing 1.1 Million.

So why does he have to share the award. Well, just like the first baffoon, the home two doors down ( 8859 GENTLE WIND DR) which as been for sale for 229 days is listed for $665k. that's only 60% of the price of 8835. That's $435k less. You can buy a lot of landscaping for $435k! (and it does need some).

I think we should call the Hazmat Squad. There is obviously a carbon monoxide leak somewhere on this street. Maybe one of the other houses is being used to cook meth or grow weed and the vapors are affecting the neighbors. What ever the reason I just cannot understand how you can list a home for those prices when you have the lower priced homes basically next door.

This award is for the homeowners and their agents. They deserve it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Golfer X,
In San Bernardino there is a house on the market that was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It's on Del Rosa Street, and the kicker is......its a forclosure!!!! Guess ABC hooked them up with a sweet mortgage along with that tricked out house. You should check it out.

Rob from Highland.

Anonymous said...

The MLS # is I07102418 on that extreme makeover house. They're asking $365K and it is in the GHETTO buddy.


golfer_X said...

That's classic. I wonder if they sold it right after the remodel and cashed in. It was sold in late 2005. Here's the MLS# if anyone wants to check it out I07102418.

FairEconomist said...

Why are realtors even taking houses like today's awardwinner? Every second they spend on it is wasted.

I've often wondered about the outcomes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The homes are generally spectacular but they come with income taxes, property taxes, and upkeep. The target families are usually in a bad way financially. There have to be a lot of unhappy endings.

I'll bet EMHE: 2 Year Followup would be a lot less heartwarming.

REJunkie said...

Perhaps the reason these sellers have delusional ideas of what their homes are worth is because a home in their tract sold on Nov. 1, 2007 for $1,300,000. Yes that's right, and a bank actually loaned $1,235,000 on the property. I thought the lending standards had tightened up. Smells like mortgage fraud to me.

Anonymous said...

Zillow doesn't show anything selling in this tract except on this street. One sold at 8787 Gentile wind for $700k. I have a hard time beleiving a bank would lend nearly 100% these days on a house that expensive. Might be something else, bank taking it back maybe, transfer?

SoCal Bubblehead said...

The funny thing is those same type homes sold in the 300s back in 2002. Been in this area for about 20 years.
These asshats are seriously delusional. 1 million to live in a city named after a beer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH! Mother fuckers this isnt the OC!

JT said...

G_X, You just made my day a lot better. Now, if only my boss would go home early...

Anonymous said...

that's some funny shat, I like the Dr. evil link. A million for a corona trak home is unfrikinridiculous. The people that bought those should have a brain scan.