Friday, January 18, 2008

Realtard of the week

This weeks award goes to JAMES TUTTLE of C- 21 LOIS LAUER - REDLANDS for this spectacular listing in beautiful downtown Home gardens.

'WOW' Just Reduced $60K! Better hurry over and take a look. Nice home in a quiet area of Riverside close to La Sierra University and Tyler Mall. Property has had some upgrades done. Large Loft area makes a nice family room or a fourth bedroom and there is a office with beautiful hardwood floors too. Owners need to move as soon as possible! With a large yard for out door entertaining, a 2 car garage, formal livingroom & diningroom a cozy fireplace make this 3 BR, 3 Bath, 2,230 sq. ft. a great investment and a nice place to call home! Close to new homes and a school . what more could you want. .. .

I just don't know where to start on this listing. The actual text is not too bad. But, "hurry over and take a look"? You better get a tetanus shot first. The carpet held together with tape in the living room is a nice touch, there also appears to be a patch on that bedroom wall. Many upgrades done? Well, you certainly missed them when you snapped the pics cuz that place is a freaking wreck. You also get a formal livingroom (what about the bride?) and a diningroom (sure hope he doesn't eat too much). A great investment.... yea, just like Enron or New Century was. What more could you want? Oh, where do I start.

Now for the Creme-de-la-creme, La piece de resistance. Check out the picture of the outside of the house.

Do you get the impression our realtard is trying to hide something?



snob from morgan hill said...

could you get me the Redfin link?

golfer_X said...

Sorry bout dat, link is in the post now.

califrothnia said...
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ButterMonkey said...


Anonymous said...

Not sure what the rush is, unless the owners were living high on the HELOC. By the looks of the interior, I'd say not.

It's worth no more than $150,000.

Sale History
04/19/2002: $185,000
02/13/1997: $95,500
07/08/1996: $86,587

Anonymous said...

What a f'ing idiot, it will soon be back to bagging groceries for James.

"Owners need to move as soon as possible!" The "owner" is the bank. REALTARDED.

Anonymous said...

That house is worth 150,000 MAX.
The entire street is a fricking nightmare because of the school, then around the corner, I would not even walk in front of those apartments. Then you get magnolia which is a parking lot during the day, and a race track at night. And, don't forget the train that runs all night long on that route. I use to live in that area and had 3 attempted breakins over 2 years. Chased one spanish decent down magnolia, caught one that ended up being an illegal that lived in the area and the cops let him go because I caught him before he actually made it inside. Then my neighbor scared off one that tried to kick in my front door. And if you park on the street in that town, forget ever having a car radio again. Come to think of it, 150,000 is too much.