Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another spin through Eastvale

Eastvale, love it or hate it you have to put it near the top in the IE as far as the Kaboom goes. Bringing up that area on redfin nearly causes my pc to seize up due to all the homes that are for sale. The toxic kool-aid is still being chugged. I'd estimate at least 75% of the listing have no hope of selling. The other 25% range from the fringes of "no hope" all the way to "they might have a chance".

I did a search by price to see what was available for under $400k. Surprisingly enough I found over 60 homes priced under $400k. I then searched under $375k and found that 7 of those were under $375k. I tried $350, but I struck out at that price. It seems our price leaders are in the high 300's.

The lowest price per sq/ft that I was able to find was $116 sq/ft. I found another 3 under $120 sq/ft. Most of the lower priced units were in the $130s to $140s sq/ft.

Here's a couple of the sq/ft leaders in Eastvale.

7441 Spindlewood DR, Corona, CA 92880
3782 sq/ft
4 bed/3bath
Purchase Price $560k in 2/05
Asking price $449k m($116 sq/ft)
Total loss $110k plus fees and holding costs for 2 years.

14485 English Setter ST Corona, CA 92880
3813 sq/ft
5 bed/5 bath
Purchase price Approx $620k (mid 06)
Asking price $450K ($118 sq/ft)
Total loss $170k plus fees and holding costs
You get two to choose from as 14335 is also for sale. Same home, same price.


papasmurf said...

Nice to see a continued downward movement on the prices. However, Eastvale still smells like POO!


Anonymous said...

Look like really house. I think $400,000 should be a good buy.

InlandEmpireX said...

Corona is a "poo city". Anyway, I think $100/sf is coming soon, that would bring them under $400k..