Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Something for Everyone

This one for $925k??

"Something for everyone" according to the realtard of the week. If "something" is a price about 3 times what it should be then yes I suppose it is something for everyone.

19471 Killdeer Ct in Perris is a large home on a large lot in "The Boulders" development up near Lake Mathews. This home is a large single story, 3370 sq.ft, sitting on an acre and a half. The home is nothing special. The cabinets look builder grade, if my eyes don't decieve me, that looks like lino in the kitchen. The bathroom.......well, it has CARPET, need I say more? It does have grass in the back and a small patio but other than that the lanscaping is rather weak. The owner bought this place in jan, 2006 for $634k and after a couple of years he thinks it has increase nearly $300k in value??? WTF dude, have ya read a paper lately, turned on the TV or cruised the net? He just listed for $925k. Man. what a desperate tool the realtor must be to take this listing.

For comparison the nearest comp (identical home) is 18915 Malkoha st. This home at least has a few upgrades. Tile in the bathroom, tile in the kitchen and the appliances look better too. So what, there is no grass in the yard, but it's $537k CHEAPER! This home also sold new in Jan 2006, but it sold for $709k. Must have been the upgrades, this house does look nicer in the pictures. It's an REO now and the asking price for this model match hoome $388k. In addition to this REO there is a short sale at 18774 Malkoha that is the same model home as these two and it is listed for $380k.

Or this for $388K

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