Sunday, June 15, 2008

Checking in with and old friend

2 months ago I award the delusional seller of the month award to the owner of 16340 Highgate in Riverside. Even with several comps priced in the mid 500's this dreamer priced his palace at 1.4 million.

So, what's he up to (or down to) now?

Well, after a few days at 1.4M he dropped the price to 1.2M. Of course that didn't help much being that he's still $700k over his competition. After a couple of more weeks he dropped the price another 200K to $999,999. Surprise, surprise, surprise it still didn't sell.

So how much do you think the dreamer whacked the price the next time? He could have taken notice of one of his comps at 17209 First Light, now priced at $449k. Any guesses as to how big his next price cut was?

Ready for this...... it was


He dropped the freakin price from $999,999 to $999,998. Yup, that will get him a buyer for sure.


jennalee said...

actually, believe it or not, there is some rationale to the price drop. It goes in the mls as a price change no matter how much it is, which can trigger attention, simply because the agents check the price change list regularly. i know that it wont sell, but the attention is what the seller is looking for.

Eliason Family said...

Ah yes... another real estate agent trying to pull a fast one. There is nothing more that gets the hair on my neck to stand up than an arrogant agent that thinks stupid moves like that are going to help sell a house in today’s market. Although the previous poster is correct it just goes to show the lengths that an agent is willing to go to convince a seller that his/her home is not over priced. This is fun to watch from a distance here in Utah while parts of Cali crumble due to much arrogance from such agents in filling home owners heads with such delusional ideas like homes in the IE would be worth as much as they got up to. I have always said something is only worth what someone will pay for it and not a penny more. In today’s crumbling market nationwide it is amazing to see how easily people are willing to walk away from any form of responsibility when it is not their own money but rather O.P.M.(Other People’s Money)IE the banks. After all this is the banks fault?...Right??? GET REAL still again it has been fun to watch