Monday, June 16, 2008

Realtard of the month

This listing popped up today. It's by far one of the worst listings I've seen this month. Everything about it is bad. The price is just retarded, the pictures are worse than retarded and the listing information makes even less sense than the price. It looks like he just clicked every available box when making the listing.

Here it is!

16909 Ridge Cliff Dr. in the Lake Hills development in Riverside. The home is one of the big ones way up at the top. The house is 4576 sq ft and has 5 beds and 4.5 baths. It was built new in 2006 and sold for just over a million dollars (1.043M). Today the area is REO central and you might think that would affect the price this home was listed for. But you'd be wrong. Oh no, damn the foreclosures, this team of 'tards think they can get $1.3 million for this house. What did the owner do to justify a $250k increase in price? Well judging by the listing description NOTHING. I'm guessing it's exactly as he bought it, dirt yard and all.

"Exclusive Custom build Home, panoramic view any time located in the great community of the Lake Hills Reserve. Add your own touch by fully customiziing to your personal needs inside and outside."

Ok, so let me get this straight. I pay 1.3 million and I have to fully customize the inside AND outside myself???

The picture posted is the ONLY one of the house out of a total of 12 pictures (well, technically there is another of the house shrouded in fog). The rest are pictures of sunsets taken from the street in front of the house.

Now, check out the pool information from the listing,
Pool & Spa Information
  • Association Pool
  • Fenced Pool
  • Fiberglass Pool
  • Filtered Pool
  • Heated Pool
  • In Ground Pool
  • Private Pool
  • Tile Pool
  • In Ground Spa
  • Association Spa
  • Heated Spa
  • Solar Heated Spa
  • Permits for Spa
Really, it has all of those? how many pools does this house have? Oh, it doesn't have a pool. I see....

It also has a 10 car garage according to our Realtard of the month. What else jumps out at me, sheet vinyl flooring? This house looks to have more rooms than Hearst Castle if I believe the listing. Oh gawd, thats enough. This listing makes my brain hurt.

We salute you, Realtard of the month,

By the way, there is a bigger house just around the corner listed for $575k. It's been listed for nearly 3 months. This house is only about $800k overpriced.


Terry said...

I don't know whether this makes any kind of difference, but I did a reverse directory look up on the address and it came up as "Adrian Flores" with no phone number. So I googled "Adrian Flores" and this is what I got:

"Adrian Flores Presents"! is a Walnut Creek-based non-profit agency that advocates dance in education. It is a non-profit organization registered with the State of California.

Could it be that this house was donated to a charity and that's why they're asking so much and why the agent isn't putting any effort into it (because he's donating his services)?

Of course, there's actually a person named Adrian Flores too, so maybe it belongs to him and dancing just ain't paying what it used to.

The Secret said...

Wait a minute -- the house has a 10 car garage and you only get 2 garage door clickers? That's gotta be inconvenient! But, I like the fact that it has a propane laundry room. It's tough to find good propane accessories for the laundry.

Santa Ana River Rat said...

Maybe the dude is bored and decided to have some fun... I'm laughing.

golfer_X said...

What's funny is that just today the house on the other end of his block with the same floor plan hit the market as an REO for $541K. I think the REO has a better lot. You can see lake mathews from it and it will not get blasted by the afternoon winds like the featured house. That's $760k less! It's just amazing to me that realtards take these listings still.