Sunday, June 22, 2008

A weekend in Temecula

I spent the weekend down in Temecula with my wife and have a few observations. The wineries are still packed on weekends (I guess there's no surprise there). On Saturday night we hit the town and most of the places we saw were pretty dead (for a Saturday night anyway). Not being from the area I dunno what the crowds are usually like but up here on a Saturday night it's usually a long wait at places like the Olive Garden or BJs. We got seated right away. We had some time to kill on Sunday so the wife wanted to hit the mall. Man everything is on sale in that mall. JC pennies looked like Ross dress for less, it looked like a bomb hit it. I did pick up some great coffee table books at Barnes and Noble for $6 each, and the wife bought some bedding in Macy's for $150 (on sale from $400).

We had a great weekend. It was nice to get away and drink some delicious wine. We stopped at quite a few wineries. Most of the wine was decent but not memorable. I did particularly enjoy the White Cabernet from Wilson Creek. It's a little spendy at nearly $30 a bottle but a fantastic wine. They also had a blended white wine that was very nice (called Quartet Blanc). We picked up a couple of bottles ( I wanted a case of that white Cab but the wife smacked me down).

I see the world did not implode while I was gone although the stock market did manage another giant step backwards on Friday costing me another 1.4% on my company stock. I wonder what this week will bring. I'm not seeng much good news being reported. Auto sales are tanking, banks and financials are in the toilet and oil and food is through the roof. Did I miss anything? The good news is my stimulation package for GW should finally arrive next week. Once I get that, all will be right with the world......


www.OrientalPearls.Net said...

hi, did you or anybody go to the auction for the riverside by Anybody care to share anything? it was supposed to be on saturday 21. I went to the one in san diego today, but really regretted missing the riverside one. thanks.

Martin Burtin said...

Ummm, well if you went to the one in San Diego, could you please tell us your experience with that? Did homes go for market price, or more, or less? Was the bidding crazy or was it restrained? Was it hard to qualify to bid? Did you buy or bid yourself? How did they treat you if you did buy?