Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mystery of the world wide brick shortage solved!

This guy has them all. And he has put them to use turning his house into the biggest chimney in Corona.

If the Chimney and the pillars holding up the balcony aren't enough brick for ya you'll be happy to know there's more in the back yard. He has built the BBQ from bricks, put a little wall around the pool and surrounded the big tree with a brick planter.

Still can't satisfy that brickwork craving. Well fear not, he has more in the bedroom!

I don't know if there is more in the rest of the house since there are only a few pictures and 3 of those are of that victorian-esque monster chimney. I bet there is more in the kitchen or family room. Oh, and his price of $980k indicates that one or two of those bricks might have fallen on his head.


David said...

That's pretty funny. I noticed his house backs up to the freeway too.

ocrenter said...

LOL, X, good one!

jennalee ryan said...


Sean said...

Well, at least a million buys you protection from the big, bad wolf. :)

stunned observer said...

Is the owner from Russia. Maybe his name is Peter. Remember the tale about the wolf came from over there.