Thursday, September 11, 2008

Built his castle in the wrong neighborhood

Everyone wants to own their dream home. A castle of our own, with everything we've always dreamed of. If you are planning on building your castle, be sure to choose your location carefully. Nothing sucks more than building your castle and then the peasants revolt. Here's an example of how not to built your dream home.

35280 Stockton ave
is a 2 year old tract home on the SCPGA golf course in Beaumont. This home was built in 2006 and sold new for $704K. The home is 3490 s/f and has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. It does back onto the golf course and has a nice view of the fairway. The owner has done some crazy stuff in the backyard. It looks a little bit like Castle Park in Riverside. All it needs is a windmill. For whatever reason our homeowner has decided to sell his dream home. He figures his toontown home is worth a whopping $829K.

First of all, $704k for a tract home in Beaumont?? Come on people, did anyone really think tract homes in Beaumont were worth 3/4 of a million bucks? Obviously some people did because they sold them. I just cannot wrap my feable mind around those numbers.

Fast forward two years we are in the middle of the biggest financial meltdown since the depression. Real estate is down 50% plus in much of the IE. But King Louie XVII here still thinks someone is going to go gaga over his plastic back yard. For a reality check he needs to drive down the street. There are at least 5 homes for sale within a 200 yards of his house and 4 of those are priced under $320K.

There's this model match
, also on the golf course listed for $320K

Or this ever so slightly smaller home listed for $299k

Or this one, listed for $289k.

In case your math skills are not up to snuff, these 3 are listed for about 500K less than Toontown. In fact you could buy all three for just a little bit more than he is asking for his plastic fantastic. $829K puuuleaze.

The moral of the story is.................. ( Please fill in the blank )


Jack said...

AND the taxes are a cool 13k a year AND the HOA fees are $146 a month
What a money pit

Martin Burtin said...

The moral of the story is:
If you build your Fantasy Land in Beaumont, you'll need to find Tinkerbell to grant you a buyer who will pay your price. Then again, Beaumont could be full of Tinkerbells, for all I know. I suggest we research that. Volunteers?

Rob Dawg said...

How can you say "Beaumont" without thinking "Beau-f¨kin'-Mont?!?"

Beaumont, "good mountain" in French. Anybody look at the topographic maps of Beaumont? There's maybe 50' elevation difference in this entire neighborhood.

Roger Roberts said...

Is Beaumont really that bad? Should I not buy a house there?

Roger Roberts said...

Is Beaumont really that bad? Should I not buy a house there?

golfer_X said...

Beaumont is better than it was 20 years ago. Back then it was more trailer park-ish. Rednecks, crackheads and generally the lower end of the evolutionary ladder. It's a "little" better now in some of the newer areas but it still sucks. Of course with the current meltdown of the housing bubble who knows what will be moving into all those empty new homes.

The city itself has nothing going for it. Bad schools, bad roads, few decent places to eat and very little to do. Weather wise it's a windy hell hole that gets bathed in thick smog blown in from LA most afternoons.

Yes, it's that bad!

Roger Roberts said...

Is there anything good about Beaumont at all? Does anyone think it is a good place to rear children?

golfer_X said...

Beaumont is a poor area. The median household income is around $35K. There are a lot of big fancy houses in those new tracts but the majority of Beaumont lives in older rundown homes, apartments or trailers. If you must live in that area go for Yuciapa. It's not great either but it's better than Beaumont. Redlands is the best place to raise kids but most of it is expensive. But it's better to have a small house in Redlands than a big house in Beaumont!

Roger Roberts said...