Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not worth the effort

Here's a listing that a realtard took and he knows it has no chance of selling. So instead of refusing the listing he takes it and then puts as little effort into it as possible.

13754 Apple Moss Ct, Corona. The realtard could not even muster up enough enthusiasm to write a few sentences of remarks. Nope this is all you get, " This one is just like new. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with over 3,300 square feet of living area." That info is already in the listing, there is really no need to repeat it. The rest of the listing is just as light on info.

Then there is the ONE picture. It's a beaut too! Who is going to buy this place with the gazillion megawatt power lines running right behind it. Maybe a tighter shot would have been called for in this instance or possible a little photoshop job. At $650k I guess he knows there is a better chance of Bush winning a 3rd term so he chose not to expend any more effort than he needed to. It's about $200k more than most of the other listings in the area, like this one.

I'm sure the owner said "we are just hoping some one will fall in love with the house like we did, and the buzz from the power lines really does help you sleep."


Anonymous said...

It won't sell at that price. At $250k, MAYBE. Those powerlines REALLY killed the deal.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how Eastvale is doing these days. I stopped by Centex a few days ago at their Carrington development, and their base price for the 4063sf. plan was some $521k. I was pretty sure the market in Eastvale had dropped passed that 3 months ago.

But then again, I've been noticing some really well priced 4000sf. homes in Eatvale (less than $105/sf., back to 2002 prices) disappearing on Redfin after only a few days of showing. Maybe they've been sold?

Or maybe the realtors and sellers are just delaying their houses from hitting the market in hopes that the higher conforming loan limit will save the market.

exrealtard said...

By the end of the year or early next year, all those 4000 sq/ft houses in Eastvale will be selling in the low 300s. Why, the list is too long, but price/rent/income ratios are still way out of whack. There are still a lot of people that are willing to buy even today. The problem is 90% of them can't get financing for the home they want and/or they can't sell there own home. People seem to think every home is falling in value except their own. The think they can pick up one of the 4000 sq ft homes at pennies on the dollar yet expect full 2006 prices for their own home. The amount of completly out of touch with reality buyers out there is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the realtor should have taken a tighter shot of the house to leave out the power lines (and WOW that is a lot).
But I think photoshopping it is against the rules?

Briar said...

Why bother to leave the bad feature (the power lines) out of the picture? If you do, you just have your sellers having to vacate their house everytime a realtor arranges to bring by a shopper, who then won't get out of the car when he gets there and sees the power lines. Might as well leave them in and save everyone a lot of trouble.

Does it cost the real estate agents anything to list a house on the MLS? If so, why do they even bother to take listings at prices they know don't stand a chance?

ocrenter said...

wow, the owner bought the home for $550k in 9/2006.

where's horsethief canyon and sycamore creek in relation to eastvale? I just did a search and I see 3000 sqft homes going for $380k.

btw, there's almost 3000 listings in Corona itself. crazy stuff going on in the IE.

golfer_X said...

Those two tracts are the southern most tracts in Corona. Horsethief is damn near in Elsinore and is a little older. Sycamore is the next tract north and it's all new. In fact it's only about 1/2 built out. That one is in trouble as nearly every house was bought at the peak. There's gonna be a plague of foreclosures in there.