Sunday, April 6, 2008

Changes to the bolg

I've made a few changes to the comment posting.

Anon's are not allowed to post any more. Now you have to pick a name for yourself. It's just too hard to follow a thread when there are multiple anonymous comments. Be somebody, pick a handle!

I activated the word verification in an effort to try to eliminate the spam comments that I seem to be forever deleting these days. Most of these contain links that take you to some virus infested website in Nigeria or some other hell hole.

Hopefully this won't stop anyone from posting comments


nmoerbeek said...

Bummer I have to sign in now

Just kidding

Angela said...

No problem. I always sign with a handle anyway.


Terry said...

Check out this puppy in Eastvale, right next to Homecoming.
Purchased two MONTHS ago for $589,900 and now the sellers are very motivated to sell for $410,000.

NotAnnon said...

Just found your blog.
Thanks for the insight.

phiphibone said...

Hey I can make a comment

Don said...

yo, I'll be back with important things to say. Just getting a user name now

Bigdog said...

10-4 I am back in the game.

ocrenter said...

the word varification is a pain, but I've learned a real need for it as well.

keep up the good work!

BrianH said...

I like it when someone has to put a name to their comment.

Now all we need is a place for me to input my rental inventory for sale. :)

golfer_X said...


That house was not purchased 2 months ago for $589,900. It was listed for sale 2 months ago for that much. They have reduced the listing price twice now and are at $410k. There is not previous sale price listed (which is fairly common on newer homes). There's a good chance this is a short sale attempt.

Terry said...

doh! guess I need to look more carefully.
btw, this is Briar, in case you haven't figured that out yet.