Saturday, December 19, 2009

Realtor Cliche Award

The Realtor Cliche award gores to...... Dory Gray!

She gets it for her listing at 169 Wild Horse Ln in Norco. First there is the description written in all caps. Look realtors, every buyer out here hates that. It's hard to read and makes you look like an idiot. Please stop! Plain old English works for us. Of course it has a Gourmet kitchen. Although I'm not sure what part if it is gourmet, It looks like a run of the mill kitchen to me. $100k in landscaping including "special plants". What are special plants? So far the listing isn't too bad other than the all caps and the way it's written.

What sends her over the top are the tags on the pictures. We have "California Dreaming", "Forever View", "Cozy Formal Dining Area" (love the patio furniture dining set), "Rustic Horse Property", and "Location, Location, Location".

Now, the price on this house isn't too bad. $420k for a 3274 s/f pool home on a 1/2 acre in Norco Hills is a pretty good price. I might even be interested in this house if it had a 3 or 4 car garage. For some reason the last sale price is not showing up on Redfin. I would guess they are the original owners of the home. These sold new in 2004/2005 and this home would probably have gone for around $650k. They have actaully probably spent around $100k putting in that pool, and the concrete work and RV parking. So they are into this place for around $750k I would guess. Will the bank go for $420k? Who knows but the comps actually support the asking price.


Max said...

"Needs interior paint and new carpet"

That landscaping looks like crap,too. Special plants?

tim said...

I tell you what. That's the King of the Hill. Yeah. I tell you what.