Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hope springs eternal

Hope, how long would you hold out hoping of some rich foreign national snapping up your unbelievably overpriced house? Would you wait a year? two years? how about 846 days and still counting....

2902 Vandermolen is a 3 1/2 year old house that has NEVER been lived in. This was obviously an investment gone wrong. Purchased for $1.053 million right at the peak of the market this house will be a monumental loser (if they ever sell it). They have been trying to get $1.25M for a couple of years. After putting in the fancy front landscaping they are probably into it close to this amount (once selling costs are factored in). The back yard is still dirt though. The inside of the house is not what you would call upgraded. It has your standard stainless appliances, cheap carpet, cheap ceramic tile and rather ordinary fixtures. They have recently dropped the asking price to $1 million. The problem for the sellers is that the house is probably worth about $550k max based on the comps.

I seriously think I want to throw an offer for $450k at them just to piss them off!


I'm Not POTUS said...

Property Tax
Taxable Value
Land $104,000
Additions $446,000
Total $550,000
Tax (2008) $14,818

Did they get an appealed reduction from the Assessor?

I cant keep up with all the inconsistent numbers I have seen on redfin over the last year.

Numbers are all over the place.

golfer_X said...

The assessor re-assessed everyone automatically I believe. Most of the listings you see now have an assessed value that is pretty close to actual. It's still probably 10% higher than what they are selling for so the re-assessment was probably done close to a year ago. I didn't look but it's funny that the assessed value, my guess and the comps are all in line. Yet this moron is still trying for double that amount......