Friday, December 25, 2009

2 plus 2 equals....

The start of this video is priceless, and the rest ain't bad either.


theY said...

Thanks for the video!

Oldtimer said...

Thanks for sharing that.

I think Newt is onto something there about the housing crisis being a cultural problem.

I knew there was a lot of ill-fated speculation and investing going on during the housing bubble (this happens with every bubble - dot.coms, energy, precious metals, etc.), but I had no idea that so many people were being so reckless with their families' finances.

I'm going to make a politically incorrect observation here. Demographically speaking, the wreckage from the housing bubble was not evenly distributed. In my fair city of Long Beach, the carnage is mostly concentrated in non-rotarian areas.

If people can take just one lesson from this era, it is what Newt said - if you can't afford something, don't buy it.

America has been the most successful nation on the planet for the past 200+ years. Just bringing people here and calling them Americans is not what made this country exceptional. We need immigrants to adopt our more useful values as well - thrift, savings, only making promises you can keep, etc.

bish said...

I think that the typical immigrant values savings and thrift much more than does the typical American. This is one value that we need to adopt from them.

dawaves said...

Fascist huh? so abolishing Federal Judges who don't conform to his ideals is somehow egalitarian and just? Oh and he doesn't want the god given right of 'Due Process' for 'alleged' terrorists? What if you're some innocent Afghan who gets picked up in a sweep, gets sent to military prison and automatically is incriminated for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Has that EVER happened in the US? Uh, yeah. Would you stand for that? If a person is a terrorist and is found guilty, by all means that's treason and punishment should be met. Our Criminal justice system is the best in the world and due process is what ensures it. Fascist don't believe in a 'due process' belief, they just kill to appease their own fears, ie Nazis, Stalin, Khmer Rouge, etc. So just upending our time tested court structure isn't very logical.

Oh and a cross in the middle of the desert CAN be an issue if you happen to be a neighbor who is a non-believer. Just as the case can be made for a Satanist, putting up a gigantic Pentagram next to a Baptist church. Do you think the church members would get agitated? Maybe file a grievance? Uh...Yeah.

Martin Burtin said...

It's so sad that common sense ideas such as those in this video, can be met with such sourness and opposition, by so many. Apparently we need to sink into a real depression before it dawns on some, that the financial policies of recent times (by all parties pretty much) were doomed to fail. Free market is the solution, not the disease.

Likewise, 9-11 was not a sufficient demonstration of Non-Rotarian hatred of Western Culture to take seriously their threat. We prefer to grant them the rights of Citizens, to a fair trial(btw NOT a god given right, simply a right that the constitution enumerates to our fellow countrymen). Nevermind that they play by NO RULES, which in most times of war, would get you shot or hung on sight, for essentially being a spy or soldier out of uniform.

Some of these people will only change their mind when they finally loose a loved one, or find them self kneeling in front of a blade wielding Non-Rotarian issuing a sentence of his own, and without fair trial, while shouting, "Non-Rotarian Gawd Akbar!", as he proceeds to separate the newly enlightened head from it's body, in several ghastly strokes.

When judges and courts operate outside the bounds of common sense, national best interest, and particularly when they violate constitutional boundary, I would agree they need to be abolished. It sends a clear message to the courts and judges, which they have not heard since the time of Madison and Jefferson, and which they need to hear again, desperately.

Chicago said...

I am interested in purchasing a multi unit income property within a 60 mile radius of riverside for around 400,000. Where would be a good area to purchase such a property?

Oldtimer said...

Chicago, I don't think you'll find multifamily deals at under $10K per unit anywhere near Riverside. Even crappy old apartment buildings in outlying areas like Moreno Valley are still selling at $35-$40K per door.

The lowest per-unit prices are probably in the wayyy outlying places like Victorville, Apple Valley, Perris, etc. Even there, I'd be surprised if you can find anything habitable for less than $20K per door.