Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arrrr, time to hit the high seas again!

X and the wife are off for the Halloween cruise to Ensenada. Try and behave while we are away!

Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss whatever "floats your boat".

I start by mentioning that I went out again today to look at some opens in Norco Hills. The traffic was fairly busy but I suspect much of it was due to the Auction open houses. The REDC has an upcoming auction and there were 3 auction homes open in the area. I think this drew a lot of people that then stopped at the other opens. One or two homes looked nice and the prices are getting a bit more reasonable. 2 of the homes in Bretton Gait were under $500k and one just slightly over that. I like one of the houses on Morab and another over the hill on Crestview. One home on Oldenburg was thrashed by the previous home debtor. They took the freaking base boards, Who does that? The rest of the house was a mess too. Another looked like a pack of wolves went through it and pee'd on every sq foot of carpet. Note to realtors: Get the damn carpets cleaned!

I overheard on lady talking to a realtor, she wanted and an 80/20, 100% financing. He was doing his best to tell her those are not available any more. Don't these people read the freakin paper or watch the news?


jennalee ryan said...

yeehaw...have a great time dont overdo the margaritas !!!

Martin Burtin said...

I was on Carnival Pride coming home from Mexican Riviera, and they announced on the PA that anyone returning to the US with Cuban cigars or other smokeable agricultural products, should smoke them now, or throw them over the side. They weren't chitt'n. At the docks there were men in black outfits with eager doggies sniff'n our piles of luggage on the docks. Some of the doggies seemed VERY interested in some passenger's luggage. Both the luggage and the passengers were detained. Idiots.

I hope nobody tries that on your cruise X, it makes for a long dis-embarkation process. (Although somewhat entertaining, if you enjoy watching shows like COPS. Bad boys, bad boys...)

Anonymous said...,0,3617122.story

"Inland Empire economic outlook grim" other news, man landed on the moon :)

golfer_X said...

OK, Back to reality.

That was fun but Carnival's food sure has gotten weak. The food was not nearly as good as the other cruises we've been on. I don't know if they are cutting back but other than the lobster night the menus seemed low end. Plank steak, chicken, turkey and talapia seemed to the standard faire.

Everything else was great though. They had two comedians and both were hella funny. Of course the karaoke was fun to watch.

I noticed people were not spending like they usually do. We went on the wine country tour in Ensenada and there were only 5 of us on the tour. Last time we did it there were about 40 people. Hussongs and Papa's and beer were nearly empty too. I also didn't see very many bottles of wine on dinner tables.

colleeeen said...

ha! did you go to the Adobe Guadalupe winery? i used to work for them. it's a beautiful place.