Friday, November 16, 2007

Those builder closeouts can hurt ya'

Back to Eastvale again! There's a sad sad seller at;
6880 Edinburgh Corona, CA 92880, his 4133 sq/ft castle is up for sale. Our sad seller purchased his Edinburgh Castle in Nov last year for $670k from the builder. After 1 year he is ready to sell and has his castle listed for $698k. After fees he's looking at a loss 10K assuming that there was a hope in hell of selling at that price.

His competition is the builder who is trying to unload a similar home at,
6935 Lancelot Corona, CA 92880, for $490k. The builder is $180k under last years sale price. Ouch, that's gotta sting. But even this home has been on the market for 2 months with no action. Even though it is $119 sq/ft! Not too shabby for Corona (if you can stand the smell).

Just to rub it in the builder is also offering
6949 Lancelot Corona, CA 92880, for $499. Same model, slightly larger lot.

BTW, I've been to Edinburgh Castle, it's a super cool place, don't miss it if you are ever in Scotland.


Briar said...

I rent in Eastvale and my address is Mira Loma, not Corona. Does part of Eastvale have Corona as an address?

golfer_X said...

According to the sites I pull the listings from it does. I have a hard time getting my head around areas north of Norco having a Corona address but they seem to be doing it...

Anonymous said...

"Not too shabby for Corona (if you can stand the smell)." are killing me....

I'm Not POTUS said...

I've been to tha castle. Tha day I went tha wind blew as fast as the values in Eastvalle.
I could hardly stand(6-4, 280 giant).
I also built alot of the sewers, storm drains and waterlines in eastvalle during the good times.

I fully expect to be remployed their in the future, to tear down those FB shacks and put the land back to a profitable enterprise like stockpiling cow manure.

Eastvale is to Corona what Sherman Oaks is to Los Angeles, just a name on your return address lable.

Pretty soon you'll brag about being Ontario "adjacent" just to get someone to look at a listing.