Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here's a shorty a few readers might be interested in

7438 Jola Dr is an older home in the Hawarden Hills area of Riverside. This is pretty much the best area in Riverside. This house has been on and off the market for darn near two years. Its a 4 bedroon 2.75 bath home that is listed as being 3443 sq/ft, sitting on a half acre lot. The home is old and there are no pictures of the interior. The outside looks nice and it has obviously been updated. I thinks it's safe to assume the inside is decent. Last month they dropped the price to $399k (short sale). This is the first sub $400k listing in the area. I'm a little surprised this is still on the market after more than a month. Maybe I missed it and it went pending and fell through, I dunno know. I only saw it tonight. I would think if this is half way decent it would sell fairly quickly at that price.

At this price it's back to it's sale price in 2001 ($400k). Which is where most of my charts say prices should be. This might be a decent deal if it could be picked up for the asking price.


Allison said...

I've seen that listing for a while now and for some reason it hasn't appealed to me. After our last short sale experience it just isn't worth the time and headache.

I am curious what it looks like on the inside though, since all of the pics are of the yard.

Chuck Ponzi said...

If they don't show pics of the inside, it's almost ALWAYS the case that it's intentional. Go look at it and take some pics of the inside so others can see it.


ButterMonkey said...

Allison, our short sale experience has made me want to scream and rip my hair out. You are not alone in being wary of those things!