Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Left the appliances, took the garage door

Now I've seen a lot of things taken from foreclosures but this is a first for me.

These people left the usual stuff like the stove and microwave, but they took the garage door? Who takes a garage door and leaves a stove?

Well, it's in Perris so I guess nothing should surprise me. If you're interested in a house with a ...a...a Carport, yea that's it we'll call it a carport, you can have it for $189k.


Paige said...

I saw a home where the front door is missing (frame and all), as well as the banister, stove, light fixtures, oven and disposal.

Martin Burtin said...

During that last collapse in the 90's I went to view some auction properties. I saw one with cement in the toilet, hammer holes in the cabinets and on the tiles of the counters, and of course all the appliances were gone, oh and the hammer touched most of the windows too, and last but not least, he pulled the wires out of the boxes so the house would need to be rewired too!

golfer_X said...

Oh, I've seen the cement, I've seen paint thrown on the carpets, I've seen drywall ruined by them leaving the water running etc. But this was the first missing garage door I've seen. It just struck me as funny.

bigdog76 said...

A month ago I saw beautiful nice carpet but every room including the closets they walked thru the whole house with a squirt bottle and bleached everything that was color full to say the least.

alex said...

Hah, did you see the 'streetview'?

Looks as if they didn't have the garage door while they were living there, either (see the trash can out for pickup, but the sheets over the garage?)

But on the satalite shot (presumably earlier), not only did they have a door, but grass all around the place.

who stole the grass?