Monday, March 10, 2008

Delusional realtard of the week

Another amazing listing from a realtor. You just can't make this stuff up....

Another Corona realtor has decided to list his/her house for sale. Maybe they are bored with Corona, maybe they hit the lotto and are moving to Beverly Hills or more likely they are broke and moving to Barstow (I've read that where the next RE boom will be!).

Our realtor purchased the home, 2443 Picasso Crk in Feb 2004 for $469k. The house is a 4 bed/3 bath home and it's 3468 sq/ft. It says to see pictures of the breath taking backyard but alas there are none. Just one fuzzy shot of the front of the house. Let's hope the listing agent gets those pics up soon. Our realtor obviously didn't get the memo about the current market conditions. He has this baby listed for $825k! That's $238 sq/ft.

I give up trying to guess what these idiots are thinking. There are at least 2 other properties in the same tract selling for WAAAY less than our expert's home.

2492 Hannum Crk is a REO property just around the corner. It's a 4 bed 3.5 bath home and it's a little bigger at 3816 sq/ft. It's currently listed for $499,900. It's been on the market 38 days and has already had one $35k price reduction.

255 Nanners way is also just around the corner and this home is quite a bit bigger at 4011 sq/ft. This is also an REO priced at $510k. This home has been on the market for 125 days and has had multiple price cuts totalling $100k so far.

Now if the two REO's can't sell why list another home for $325k more than them??

He list for $325k more than 2 homes that are larger than his. I don't care how breath taking his back yard is, it's not worth $325k


Briar said...

What does it cost to heat and a/c a 4,000 sq foot home? I mean, at today's not horribly unbelievable prices? I suppose we will have to multiply that by 2 or 3 to get the cost a year from now.

Peppermint Hippo said...

Here's food for thought. I've been reading about how the US economy is heading down the dangerous road to hyperinflation. If that's the case, does it make sense to buy an overpriced house at $450K now, or the same house for $650 in 2 years (price rise due to hyperinflation, not appreciation). I don't have the answer, but maybe someone who's lived through hyperinflation in another country does.

golfer_X said...

It costs a bundle to heat/cool and maintain a 4000 sq/ft home. Figure electric bills around $1000 a month in the summer. My 1800 sq/ft house has had summer bills of nearly $500/mo and no one is home during the day. What I want to know is who cleans a 4000 sq/ft house??

Anonymous said...

We won't see hyperinflation. Inflation is controlled by the Federal Reserve, which is run by bankers. Hyperinflation would put every bank in the country out of business, by squeezing them between high short-term rates and their low long-term loans. Ergo, the federal reserve won't permit hyperinflation because it would put the governors' buddies out of business.


Anonymous said...

To the poster right above my post:

You're an idiot. Learn to keep your lips sealed and someone might mistaken you for a lesser fool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, really convincing counterargument there. I find the amount of supporting data particularly telling.

Oh, and to peppermint hippo: Yes, if we really were facing a hyperinflation you would want to buy houses (or any real asset). More to the point, it would be worth it to borrow almost any amount at any rate because all debt would be wiped out. But it's not going to happen. TPTB have strong personal (and professional) reasons to prevent hyperinflation, and they have the capacity as well.


Anonymous said...

golfer x - I am astonished by your summer electric bills. I live in a single level, 2450 sq. ft. Temecula home. Here are my bills from the 5 warmest months:

05/17/07 to 06/15/07 - $69.00
06/15/07 to 07/18/07 - $111.34
07/18/07 to 08/16/07 - $125.55
08/16/07 to 09/17/08 - $203.93
09/17/07 to 10/16/07 - $120.16

My home is oriented such that the greatest number of windows face east. I am home full time. I use the old fashioned method of opening windows in the evening to cool the house. I shut them early in the morning. I set the thermostat at 76 to 78 degrees in the afternoon as I am not willing to stay inside and roast from 2 to 5 p.m.

May I suggest you call SCE and get a house energy audit? Your bills sound excessive for an 1800 sq. ft. house. Even in my neighborhood where some homeowners make no attempt to conserve energy or to save money, and where the houses are 2-story and face west, and where the dual zone double air conditioners run 24-7, I have not heard of an electric bill over $700.

golfer_X said...

It's quite a bit cooler in Temecula than up here. My electric bills run on average $300/mo from June through October. The high last year was $460 in July or August. I have 3 kids that are either watching TV or on the PC (or both) every minute they are home. The washer and dryer are also always going. My buddy has one of those Mcmonsters (3500 s/f). His elec bills in the summer run close to $900 in the peak months.

My mother in law has an identical house to mine but she runs a daycare so they are running the AC all the time. Her bills are $500 to $600/mo in the summer.

There are different utility companies in the IE. It also depends which one you get your power from. The rates vary up to 60%. Riverside city is quite a bit cheaper than SCE which services most of the other cities. Unfortunately I don't have Riverside muni power.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was an education for me. I thought SCE was more expensive and Temecula was just as hot as most of the IE in summer. One thing I can say about Temecula is that there is a cool breeze at night compared to other places in the IE. I guess I'd better count my blessings about being in Temecula rather than where you live.

Still, you might consider the SCE energy audit. And, since all those p.c.'s, t.v.'s, receivers, stereo systems, ovens, microwaves, even the toaster oven and coffee pot are always "on", you could put everything on power strips with off/on switches and reduce your bill.

Anonymous said...

'I'd better count my blessings about being in Temecula rather than where you live'

Oh I would dare to say he much prefers being closer to civilization than living in temecula in BFE. Have you seen the plethora of foreclosures there? Talk about sucking on the HELOC. The epicentre of 30k millionaires that bought 5ook homes. Maybe the can convert their H2s into a studio apartment.

golfer_X said...

Well, actually I'de rather live in Temecula. I like the city and I do think it's a bit cooler. Everytime I play golf down there the thermometer in the car reads about 10 degrees cooler than up in Riverslide. The only thing keeping me up here is the commute. Driving 120 miles a day is not what I'm looking for. There are just as many foreclosures up here than in Temecula so that's not a factor. I bet by the end of the year Corona blows Temecula away in the foreclosure dept.

Anonymous said...


Is that somewhere by 'Temeculo', 'Fontucky' and 'Lake Smellsinore'?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54 a.m.:

Oh don't get your knickers in a twist. I personally DETEST living in the IE, It's all BFE to me. I don't like living in So. Cal., it's just a vast wasteland of fake BOOBS, fake BLOND HAIR, fake 2 CARAT DIAMOND RINGS, and giant SUV's.

I'm just trying to find ONE GOOD THING about Temecula. I'm also pointing out practical tips for reducing the electric bill.

(gee, maybe I could be a realtor. I'm mastering the intermittent EXCLAMATION! caps!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:44:

We prefer the gentler, smaller, "temeculito"

golfer_X said...

I've lived in a lot of places and in two different countries on two different continents. Live somewhere you can deal with. There are always going to be better places to live. Nearly every one wants to live somewhere else. When you move to somewhere else, you will find things you don't like about it. Eventually you will find another place you think is better and you'll want to move there. It's all fluff. All you "need" is food and shelter everything after that is a want. I find most people want WAY too much. Most of the IE aint bad compared to the rest of the planet. If you don't like it move or keep it to yourself.

I don't mind fake blonde hair, or fake boobs or even fake rings. If it makes them happy and they can afford it, what's wrong with that? It sure beats a real beer gut, saggy boobs, a real .0002 carrot ring and a 1958 truck.

Anonymous said...

golfer X, surely in your living on different continents you encountered a different life philosophy where pointing out the truth about not liking an aspect of one's life is allowable, such as I see in my European and South American cronies and relatives?

WTF? "if you don't like it move or keep it to yourself", after you dun so many parts of the IE in your postings. Please, you are the goose and I am the gander here.

As far as needing only food and shelter, I believe you fantasize and blog about snapping up a 4000+ sq. ft. home. And if you think most people want way to much, what's wrong with a 58 truck and a .0002 carat diamond?

I hate to think if those three kidlets of yours include girls, you tacitly assist this culture in objectifying them by teaching them your appreciation of fake boobs and fake blond hair.

Let's have some consistency here.

Snob from Morgan Hill said...

Anon 2:37, what's wrong with you? Fake boobs are always please no more morality lessons here.

BrianH said...

I love fake boobs, especially when they are bolted on to a platinum blond 20 year old hot bodied tart who is drunk off her ass dancing on the deck of a wake board boat in the channel with out a top.

Man I love smellsomemore summers!!!

Sorry, back on topic. Darn realtards. :)

Anonymous said...

This is not a morality issue. If it is fake boobs this decade, what will it be next decade? The quest for physical perfection is affecting the psyche of entire generations. Humans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What should be standard variations in anatomy are now imperfections. We all know how much earlier each generation of children of both genders find fault with themselves for a nonconforming appearance. Could this be due to excessive marketing?

Why is it in U.S. culture a dissenting opinion is subject to the "morality" slur, as if that is an effective way to pigeonhole the dissenter as a Luddite and believer of myth? Casually tossing the "morality" slur around speaks mightily of the orientation of the tosser.

Aldous Huxley touched on the homogenization of the culture in Brave New World. You might consider reading it, or reading it again if it's been a while.

On a practical note, for safety reasons, you have to change out implants every 15-20 years, depending on the type and on issues with your skin and muscle tone and number of pregnancies. They don't have a lifetime guarantee. I've had a few friends change them out - it's not fun, it's expensive, and assuming you get them at age 20, I don't think general anesthesia for elective surgery at age 60 to 70 is generally recommended.

Anonymous said...

'I don't mind fake blonde hair, or fake boobs or even fake rings. If it makes them happy and they can afford it, what's wrong with that?'

Oh-oh. Golfer X, did you go an marry the typical IE SoCal Wifezilla? You know. 45 year old who wants to be 25. Juicy Couture sweat suit, D&G oversized sunglasses, streaked hair, obnoxious, brags she wears the pants and driving in a new Mercedes? This reminds me of the 'Suzanne researched it' video. Donde estan tus huevos?

golfer_X said...

Hey now. That's a funny description but it's the polar opposite of my wife. My wife is just fine the way she is. Although if she didn't dye her hair it would probably be as white as Santa's beard (She had gray hair when I met her, she was 15). Our 20th anniversary is this year!

As far as implants go, my personal opinion is "ya don't need em". But I have no problem with people getting them if they want them. It's there body they can do what they want to it. (Blondes, not for me, I prefer a nice dark brunette.)

Someone seems to be reading a lot more into what I wrote than what I wrote. If you don't like where you live then move. Just because I bitch about the traffic, the heat, the neighbors does not mean I don't like where I live. I like my current house it's just smaller than I WANT. I don't need a bigger house, I want one (but not 4000 s/f). I said, everything after food and shelter is a want. The key is not to buy more wants than you can pay for. That's where most of the people screw the pooch. They want it all but can't pay for any of it. Like the lady getting out of the $70k Range Rover in her Taco Bell uniform. Yes, I actually saw this at a gas station yesterday.A mid 40s gal in a Taco Bell uniform driving a near new Range Rover..

spicymchaggis said...

My ex has fake tits and she loves them. I have no idea what they will look like in 20 or 30 years. Probably (hopefully) they'l look like an orange in a tube sock. hahahaha. Come to think of it she has the streeky hair, fake nails, a tattoo, a fake tan. She can't afford the benz but otherwise she is the typical Ex-wifezilla

You see a lot more 45 year old teenagers in the OC than out in the IE. They have the IE beat hands down in that department. Just take a trip out to the west coast plaza

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute. You can't be talking about those classy gals from Garbage Grove,Costa Misery and Irvberg are you? We all know that those "Bookcovers" with a classy exterior and nothing on the pages are what we are all aspiring to.

jvazjr said...
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