Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nandina back on the market

A couple of years back I wrote about a small development that went belly up after building most of the homes. They came on the market in Late 2007 right when it was coming apart at the seams. They were trying to get right around a million for these homes back then. I laughed out loud at the sales lady when I saw the price sheet. They stuck it out for about a year after finding only one sucker to buy a house. The whole tract went into foreclosure and sat empty for a few years. Well recently they have started selling again. The prices now are about 1/2 the original price. Not a bargain but these are pretty nice homes with high end kitchens and lots of nice built-ins. I really liked the floor plan on a couple of the models. The good thing about this little tract is there is no Mello Roos nor any HOA to deal with. On the bad side you are paying top dollar since it's a new home and you still have to spend a healthy chunk of cash putting in some landscaping and fencing.

Here is one of the homes they have listed.


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