Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fliptard alert

The fliptards are still at it. Most price the stuff reasonable close to comps. But not all of them.

18771 Oak Park Dr.
Nice big house in Woodcrest picked up on the courthouse steps for $473K back in April. It must have needed some serious work for it to take this long to get back on the market. But the listing price of $749k is about $150k higher than this thing has a hope of selling for. There have been a couple of really nice similar sized homes in this tract sell for under $500k. Those both had nice pools but slightly less "fluff". That leads me to think the market price of this will be in the $550k range and if the inside is really nice maybe up to $600k. $749k however is completely delusional.

Now lets rag on the realtard! Ok, first of all why the price? Getting past that what the hell is up with the all caps? Then we have all the normal misspellings, punctuations or lack there of and a few misplaced words, like the use of "state" instead of Estate. At first I thought it was a spelling error but she used it twice and spelled it the same way both times.

And where the heck are the pics of the inside?


Dan said...

Pics of the inside are up on the Redfin listing now. Looks clean (new paint, carpet, etc) but nothing unusual. The previous owner definitely put more work into the outside than the inside.

golfer_X said...

yea, the inside looks nice but certainly not spectacular. This house is probably close to the Flip REO that was on Edgegate and that ended up selling for $619. That one had more "fluff" though. It had a huge BBQ palapa thing and a koi pond and a bunch of other stuff. A neighbor told me that guys spent $700k on the yard. The inside was all upgraded too (travertine everywhere)