Monday, May 11, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink

The title may be misleading, because this is a delusional seller of the month post. This one's a real peach too.

5963 Pingrove Pl in Eastvale has hit the market at peak prices PLUS another 10% a year! Yes, someone didn't get the memo. This home was purchased right at the peak, new from the builder for $683k. Two years into the biggest bust in the history of real estate our obviously clueless owner thinks it's now worth an astonishing $900k!

But wait, act now and he will throw in the furniture! The listing is another real gem too. Written in what can only be described as elementary school level English. Check this out,

"Beautiful property close to schools parks and shopping centers. This property has 6 bedrooms, and many upgrades like crown molding around the house, marble and Hardwood in stairs and one fireplace. It also fitures marble on entire home, all bathrooms have granite counter tops. Sellers will also include all 3 livingroom furniture, 1 dining room furniture 6 bedroom furniture and 1 baby grand piano and lots more."

He starts out so strong too, a whole sentence without a spelling error. It's a bit fragmentary but I'll let him slide. Then it all goes wrong. Buy it and it comes with THREE livingrooms. I'm so glad, dead grooms just aren't much fun. What's with the Hardwood in one of the fireplaces? They marbled the entire home? I'm no English major, far from it. But my 10 year old could write a better listing than this. Rafeal at Mi Casa Financial needs to get his ass back into school!

Sorry no pics yet


Snail said...

I am still shocked by the property taxes!!! $11K/annum. I didn't notice the spelling error looking into that amount

Kane said...

Many of these newer developments have a CFD (Mello Roos) in addition to the county's property tax, hence the high figure.

The thing is that even if it wasn't crackpipe priced, the CFD will still run just as much. Unlike the property tax, CFD (and HOA) are not tax deductible, so they actually cost you more. Such fees could easily take it a monthly payment from "I can afford this" to "way too damn much".

ojedalive said...


Any chance you might post the April Prices per Zip Code for Riverside and Corona as you did for March?

Pretty please :)



Karen's Corner said...

Not too surprising, considering it's Mi Casa. Those idiots had a buyer for my house last May, and let me know 2 days before the close of escrow that their Hispanic buyer didn't have a valid social security number. I am amazed they are still in business, dealing with them through the mess was a nightmare. I took my house off the market, and it took me a few months to get the escrow closed because of them.

golfer_X said...

Dataquick does not publish the price per zip this early in the month. That usually comes out around the 20th. It' probably going to be about the same as last months. Right now with the low amount of foreclosures it especially on the low end it might even shift the median up. We will have to wait and see.

California Girl said...

You made six very obvious errors (spelling and grammar) in your description. Who needs to go back to school?