Friday, August 15, 2008

Redfin Hanky Panky

Hmmm, it seems Redfin is now hiding the homes in certain tracts or they cannot find em for some reason. The homes in the Retreat and Lake Hills disappeared this week. I doubt this is something Redfin did on it's own. So, what's going on? Did those neighborhoods send Redfin a nasty gram? Is it a "conspiracy" by the agents to hide those listings? Did Housing Kaboom hit a nerve by picking on those areas? And don't they know that they still show up on Movoto and ZipRealty?

The listings are still there. You just don't see them when you do a search. They do show up down in the bar at the bottom of the map as "unmapped" listings.

Here's an example

This home is in the retreat but the address is not listed

Or this one,

Also in the Retreat. This one has been on the market for months, and now Redfin does not know where it's located?

Monkey business I tell ya!

Update, Looks like it may be a software bug. Redfin is investigating!


Jack said...

Same thing happened in Murrieta, the Wynfield community vanished

Rick said...

I have noticed several listings are not showing up on searches on Redfin that are on the MLS. You can still find them when you enter the exact MLS#, but not on a search.

Danielle said...

Wow I thought it was just my computer! I noticed after they updated their site early Tuesday morning, the listings that I was following in La Quinta were missing. I was very interested in a particular development since I use to rent there and curious how the other homes in the development were doing. I know for a fact that these homes are still there and will not be going anywhere. I guess I will just check MLS for now on.

Paige said...

I noticed the same thing here.

Vanda said...

Both your example are within gated communities. The Redfin mapping is probably an automated function that is not able to put addresses on the map that it doesn't recognize as valid. For example the "22586 Secret Way" address is probably not something you could find in google map or Thomas Guide. Property Shark does not recognize it for sure.

It's possible that these listing were manually put on the Redfin maps before, but got lost in the update.

FM71 said...

"Property Shark does not recognize it for sure."

Um, that's probably because Property Shark doesn't do San Bernardino or Riverside counties.

golfer_X said...

Lake hills is not gated and those listings have vanished. There are a few other tracts that have also vanished like the KB tract near Victoria Groves. It's not because they are gated. I dunno what the deal is but it's not because the tracts are gated

stealthy said...

I frequently check the Windermere website and have been keeping track of the inventory available when choosing the criteria of Murrieta, California, 4+ bedrooms and 300k or less. The last time I checked on 8/7/08 with that criteria I got back 1193 properties. I started checking on 4/27/08 and at that time the available inventory came back at 892. Anyhow, I have checked for the past couple of days and have gotten back 93 and 95 properties with my standard search.
It would seem that the real estate sites have become hip to the fact that people think like I do.
How I think…As inventory continues to increase the property values should continue to decrease. The reason I have been keeping track of the inventory is because once it starts to fall off the prices should be at their bottom. And then it is time to buy.

California Girl said...

Wow another conspiracy theory! This smacks of computer error (as in a new employee at Redfin using the system) more than anything else.

golfer_X said...

It's way too tract specific to be a computer error.

Martin Burtin said...

Or could it be that Redfin is giving priority to those areas that they directly service, and are now culling those communities that their agents don't work with? I mean, why bother updating data you don't make any money on?

golfer_X said...

I don't think it's because they don't have agents in this area. There are still new listings showing up every day in the IE on Redfin. And it's definitely not because some areas are gated.

Here's another example of Redfin being "unable" to find a house, yet Ziprealty has no such problem.

MLS S507035 Redfin has no clue where this home is, other than somewhere in Riverside. Yet plug that MLS # into ZipRealty and you get the address and even a map location. The home is at 14457 Four Winds Dr. So what happened? why can't redfin find it?

Matt said...

Matt from Redfin here.

We had a new release of the website last week and it looks like we may have introduced a bug with the mapping of listings. We're investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

In the future you can reach us at if you find something funky going on with the website.

Matt Goyer
Lead Product Manager - Search

golfer_X said...

Cool deal Matt, thanks for the update.

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