Friday, December 2, 2011

Ah the good old days

While looking at Zillow I ran across this. I found it rather humorous and reminder of the heady days of bubble mania. This guys puts a "make me move" price into Zillow in 2007 of $1.4M for a house that now has a zestimate of $505k. And lemme tell ya, there's no way this place would sell for $505k, that's probably at least $50k too high considering there is not a lick of landscaping. I was actually looking at 18825 Ravenhurst which is listed at $1.2M and has a zestimate of nearly $900k. Which I thought was WAY high. It's a spectacular place on 2 acres but there's no way it will get 1.2M and I seriously doubt it would even get Zillows $900k estimate. Based on comps this place is worth closer to $750k.

Ah, the good-ole days. I bet this guy is wishing someone had taken him up on his "make me move" price.


Dylanarman said...

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golfer_X said...

When you put down the bong, try writing that again. Next time make it coherent.

Marsupial said...

He's just high on spam.

That's funny... I was poking around Zillow (for no good reason) the other day and I was wondering if the Make Me Move thing even existed anymore. What a concept! "Someone will want MY house, and only MY house, so much that they will pay me way more than the market says it is worth now, knowing that the market will catch up to my jewel of a house eventually!" Idiots.

(Full disclosure -- I think I threw out a Make Me Move number on my house in 2005.) :-0

(Good to have you back, GolferX!)

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