Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OMG check out the pics

Here's a "classic" realtard listing. 17551 Dry Run Ct in Woodcrest. This home was purchased for $350k as a shorty in March 2010. I guess the buyer didn't like the country living or maybe it was picked up as a flip (doubtful). But in any case it hit the market last weekend listed for $499k! This guys thinks he can make $150k in a year in this market. I can't tell if this guy put the pool in or if it was in before. The previous listing did not mention a pool. I kinda think he added the pool and is trying to recoup the cost of that AND his other costs.

So what makes this listing "classic"? Well, 10 of the 12 pictures are UPSIDE DOWN! (just like 40% of the homeowners in the IE). Oh and the all caps and spelling errors. In addition the statement that the lot will make a great vineyard or DRIVING RANGE? Really a driving range, have you ever played golf? Most of this lot is pretty unusable. It's basically a gulley with the only flat spot being where the home is.

What are this guys chances? Basically zero at this price. A much nicer, larger home just sold down the street (with a way nicer pool) for $420k. Most of the nicer homes in Bridle Creek are selling for about $125 s/ft. So this guys price should be close to what he paid at $365k. The listing does not quite qualify for the ass clown award but it's pretty damn delusional none the less.


golfer_X said...

Ya'll missed it, they fixed the pictures!

Karen's Corner said...

If that's the realtard's car parked sideways in the garage it's no wonder the pix were upside down.

Thiên Hoàng said...

how can they do impressive
thi truong bat dong san

arnold said...

I think it kinda added a pool, and tries to compensate for the cost of this and other costs.

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tim proy said...

Yeah! This is one is completely mistake. I laughed at some points.

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arrielle_p said...

You should really check out this pics! It's upside down! lol.

My dream house has a swimming pool. Wish I could afford the price! Love it, it makes you feel calm and when you feel boring, just only swim in that relaxing water.
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Dave Velasco said...

Really cool if such property is really upside down. Others edit pictures to make it more appealing to buyers as well. They put into beautiful graphics, town cars, neighbors, etc. As if the place was really cool for living. But when you visit the place, it looks the other way around.

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