Monday, March 1, 2010

WTF is up with Congress?

Why does congress have it's priorities so F'd up? Is it just me, am I the only person in America that is wondering why NOTHING is being done about the biggest financial fiasco since the 1930s. Sure we've thrown trillions of dollars at the problem, bailed out everyone from the Taco Bell employee next door to AIG. But bailouts are not a cure for the disease. They only treating a symptom.

Congress has done squat about the system that allowed this to happen. No regulations, no controls, no oversight, no nothing so far. They sit around arguing about a health care package that 60% of America doesn't want and 30% don't understand. The other 10% are all for it because they may actually benefit from it. Why is Congress so hell bent on health care reform. Has health care brought down the economy? Are millions of people dying in the streets? No, people are living longer than ever, and contrary to popular belief we have one of the best health care systems in the world. For christ's sake, rich people from Europe come over here when they get seriously sick. I'm not suggesting for one second it cannot be improved. Cost is insane (primarily due to litigation) and most government run programs are rife with fraud. But it should hardly be the number one priority. Lets fix the freaking financial system that is still running amok. Wall street isn't investing anymore. It's like Las Vegas for the Mega Rich. Shorts and hedges and every other manor of financial black magic should not be legal. How the hell can a company buy and sell a bunch of crap they know is going to go bad then make a killing by hedging against it.

I understand perfectly that Wall St. owns the government (and vice versa). But why aren't the American people and the media shouting out for reform. Lobbyists can be persuasive but a few hundred million angry voters should be able to overcome that obstacle. It pisses me off that the media is covering this health care BS like it's the biggest thing since man walked on the moon, and the only people yelling for reform are whack jobs like Glen Beck. I hope that doesn't make me a whack job.......


Todd said...

I thought that they were going to give up on this whole health care obsession after Scott Brown was elected and concentrate on the economy and getting people back to work (which they should have been doing all along). Where in the hell did this new found obsession with it come from? What do they NOT understand about most people not wanting their bloated mess of a health care system "reform?"

golfer_X said...

Gotta create a diversion. Don't want too many people thinking about the REAL problems!