Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NIce try, next time don't include pictures....

I was checking out the new listings tonight when I ran across this house. It's not really a new listing because I saw this house last year. The price has dropped quite a bit. I think it was listed for $499k back then and now it's at a more reasonable $325k (shorty). Anyway, the front of the house looks good. I like the style so it caught my eye and I looked at the full listing.

Here's the description,
Great home in Woodcrest with almost an acre of land---remodeled kitchen, beautiful backyard with fruit trees as well as in-ground pool and spa. A joy to show. Don't miss this one!

Ok, so it's a little light on details, but at least there are no spelling errors, it's not all caps and there's only one exclamation mark. My faith in realtors is almost restored. But wait, remodeled kitchen? really? Take a look at the pick and tell me what part of that kitchen was remodeled.

I'm guessing it's the addition of the Brita water filter, or possibly the addition of knobs to those 1980's cabinets. That kitchen is so dated it almost makes me want to bust out my Twisted Sister album and put on some eye shadow.

Sorry for that last pic, but I just had to do it ;-)


Allison said...

I love the exterior on that one too. Gentian is a pretty crappy street though - a mixture of nice homes and really old ones that are not kept up, if I remember right.

I can't believe they try to claim updated kitchen on that one, hilarious. I thought, oh, maybe the house was built in the 60s and updated in the 80s. Nope, built in 1982. That is definitely an original kitchen.

Christina said...

That made me laugh! I'm not even your age, X! Well I grew up in the 80's so its still funny to me!

golfer_X said...

You grew up in the 80's..... I still haven't grown up according to my wife and kids.... Must be a male thing!

Martin Burtin said...

Maybe Patti (the listing Realtard)rode the short bus to real estate school. She probably also posts an '80s photo of herself on facebook or whatever dating/social network site she uses.

Carl said...

HAHAHAHA, man I loved Twisted Sister.

Of course, now I WANNA ROCK has changed to I WANNA GOLF!!!!